#001 Hand Forged Campfire Irons-Basic Package


The Basic Package

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This is a complete set of hand forged camp cooking irons. It includes three 4’ x 5/8” irons that can be set up horizontally or as a tripod. Both anchor irons include a custom forged bottle opener. Also included are two “S” Hooks to hang a Dutch oven and lid on, one adjustable hook arm so you can get that percolator on the perfect heat, and one adjustable pan arm for frying in a skillet.

All forged traditionally with a fire, hammer, and anvil. Every piece has an oil quench finish, (will need continued care by heating and wiping down with a vegetable oil to prevent rust).

There is something about the smell of campfire smoke that stirs the memory, and it’s one of the surest ways to bring about old stories and laughter. Whether it’s in a deep canyon far out in the wilderness, or in the backyard, there is just nothing like an outdoor feast. Gather some friends and family, build a campfire, cook some meat, and kindle some joy into your life.


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